Transit Advocates Gather

In a recent meeting reported on in the MDJ, advocates of increasing your taxes garnered a new ally; a regional organization called Advance Atlanta, which is joining forces with Cobb 4 Transit. This adds to the clout they already have with the Cobb Chamber, the three Cobb Community Improvement Districts, Cobb County government and most of its elected officials.

We bring this to your attention, not to discourage you, but rather to play the role that Paul Revere once did in opposing British colonial tyranny, to wit: “The Tax Man is coming! The Tax Man is coming!”

The addition of Advance Atlanta (notice the emphasis on our big spending neighbor to the east) belies the fact that very powerful, big money interests are gathering to fleece you for billions of dollars to “advance” (pardon the pun) their wasteful and counterproductive mass transit spending schemes. Don’t let them get away with it!

For our part the Cobb Taxpayers Association (CTA) is working ceaselessly to build our own coalition of taxpayers to stop them in their tracks…so to speak. But to do so we need your support. Please use this as an opportunity to contribute to the CTA either on-line or by sending us a check for whatever amount you can reasonably afford. Your contribution will save you money in the long run, about $200 a year per resident for the next 30 years!

Taxfully yours,

Lance Lamberton,

ChairmanCobb Taxpayers Association

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