Mission Statment

The Cobb Taxpayers Association (CTA) is an unincorporated, non­profit, local grass­roots taxpayers
organization whose purpose and mission is to:

  1. Undertake such acts as it deems necessary to impact public policy on the local, county and state level that is consistent with the principles and spirit of individual liberty and constitutionally limited self­government.
  2. The objectives of this organization shall be to:
    Organize and inform voters of the benefits and advantages of reducing and/or limiting taxes and government spending Inform the public about current issues and engage them in grass­roots activities designed to achieve the above­-stated objective Advocate and promote private sector solutions to public policy issues Work constructively with elected officials to oppose or support legislation, ordinances and measures which support a more limited, transparent, and accountable government on the local, county and state level Focus only on taxation and government spending issues and engage its activities only to those which are directly related to the above­stated objectives

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