Attend the December 4th CTP Information Meeting

The following message is from Ron Sifen, who has been a strong ally of CTA in fighting against the Bus Rapid Transit proposal, which continues to be actively promoted by BOC Chairman Tim Lee and Cobb County Director of Transportation, Faye DiMassimo

Even though 3 Cobb Commissioners had the courage to insist that BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) be removed from the SPLOST list, those who would profit from BRT keep trying to force Cobb taxpayers to pay for this ultra-expensive project that will do little to improve overall transportation in Cobb County. District Commissioners acknowledged before the July 22 Commissioners vote that BRT was so unpopular that it would probably cause the SPLOST to fail, if it was included on the SPLOST list.

On December 4, Cobb will hold a public information meeting about the Cobb Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP). Meeting Flyer. This plan continues to advance BRT.

You can attend the meeting to view the whole plan. You can provide input at the meeting.

Even if you don’t attend the meeting, you can email your comments to .

You may also want to urge the following commissioners to oppose the Cobb Parkway BRT.

My recommendation is to ask the Commissioners to
Move Cobb Connect BRT from the Medium Term list to the Long Term list on the Comprehensive Transportation Plan, and instruct Staff to stop all work on this project until such time that the Board of Commissioners instructs Staff to resume working on it.

Please let me know your thoughts


Ron Sifen

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