Join us for Fourth of July

Join Us on the Fourth of July!



As America’s most important national holiday, Independence Day commemorates the birthplace of our nation when our founders threw off the shackles of a repressive and unrepresentative government and declared the establishment of a new nation premised on the ideal of representative government. And one of the major complaints leading to our revolution was taxation designed to benefit our overseers in England at the expense of the colonists. Therefore, what better way to declare our independence from taxes in Cobb County then by marching with us in Marietta’s annual 4th of July Parade!


The Cobb Taxpayers Association, along with our coalition partners, will be marching in the parade to express our opposition to the 30 year, $11 billion Mobility SPLOST sales tax increase. To join our group, and obtain a Vote NO on M-SPLOST Sales Tax Increase t-shirt, you will need to meet us at the Roswell Street Baptist Church at 774 Roswell St., Marietta, staging area C between 8:30 – 9:00 am on the 4th. To find a good parking space near the staging area, you are encouraged to arrive early. There will be volunteers at the event to assist and guide you in finding a parking space.


The parade route will run from the Church parking lot down Roswell Street and through Marietta Square; about a mile and a half. For those of you concerned with being able to walk that route in July in Georgia, we will provide a convertible car for you to ride in on a first come first serve basis.* Transportation in school buses will be available to ride from the end of the parade back to the staging area.


If you can join us then please rsvp at


Any questions or concerns before or during the parade, call or text 404-925-8960.


With the many thousands of Cobb voters attending this popular event, it is imperative that we have a good turnout to assert our first amendment rights and represent the interests of taxpayers vs. the spending interests that have taken over county government.


  • If you have a convertible car that you would like to drive in the parade and to assure that no one will be left behind due to mobility issues, then please call or email us at the contact information above.

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