CTA Encouraged by Candidate Opposition to New Transit Tax

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October 25, 2021

CTA Encouraged by Candidate Opposition to New Transit Tax

Austell, Georgia – The Cobb Taxpayers Association (CTA) today expressed encouragement that a number of candidates running for local office in Cobb County have expressed either firm opposition or serious reservations towards the passage of an additional sales tax to pay for mass transit projects. Under state law, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners (BOC) can put on the ballot a referendum that could increase the County sales tax by as much as one percent over 30 years, which would raise the county levy from 6 to 7% and would raise a projected $4.5 billion over that time frame.

            As of this writing, the BOC has yet to agree on how long the tax should be, what percentage it should be, or what projects would be included in its project list. County leaders are currently mulling over whether a referendum should be put on the 2022 or 2024 November ballot.

            “Traditionally, the overwhelming majority of both elected officials and candidates for local office have expressed support for measures that either maintain or increase local sales taxes,” said Lance Lamberton, Chairman of the CTA. “This year, however, according to a voter guide put out by the Marietta Daily Journal, four candidates for local office have expressed unqualified opposition, and five have expressed serious reservations. This is a dramatic shift from the past and indicates a new attitude towards tax and spending issues in the County.”

The four candidates opposed to a new transit tax include:

  • Grif Chalifant, incumbent, Marietta City Council, Ward 2
  • Johnny Walker, incumbent, Marietta City Council, Ward 3
  • Andy Morris, incumbent, Marietta City Council, Ward 4
  • Meredith Adams, Austell City Council, Ward 3

Lamberton went on to say that “while CTA does not, according to its by-laws, endorse candidates for public office, we do consider it a public service to let our members and the general public know when candidate positions align with the tax and spend priorities of the organization.”

Representing hundreds of taxpayers throughout Cobb County, CTA was formed in 2005 to oppose passage of that year’s SPLOST, and has since been active in successfully opposing the 2012 Transportation SPLOST, for reform of SPLOST law, and successful opposition to a proposed millage rate increase in 2017.

Under the organization’s by-laws that were adopted by its five-member board in 2013, CTA was established to:

Organize and inform voters of the benefits and advantages of reducing and/or limiting taxes and government spending.

Inform the public about current issues and engage them in grass-roots activities designed to achieve the above-stated objective.

Advocate and promote private sector solutions to public policy issues.

Work constructively with elected officials to oppose or support legislation, ordinances and measures which support a more limited, transparent, and accountable government on the local, county and state level.

Focus only on taxation and government spending issues and engage its activities only to those which are directly related to the above-stated objectives.

For more information, go to: www.cobbtaxpayer.com

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