Highlights from Guest Speaker Rep. Carson on HB 153 Fractional SPLOST

What the legislation does:

  • Allows Georgia counties to propose a SPLOST rate of less than 1%.
  • Any combination of SPLOSTs are capped at 1% maximum.
  • Any SPLOST less than 1% must be agreed to by county and its cities.
  • Counties can enact SPLOST beginning the fist quarter after 45 days of vote.


  • More flexiblity for counties to scale the SPLOST rate to projects actually needed (no more “filler projects”).
  • Lower taxes; if Cobb County reduces its SPLOST from 1% to 1/2%, this would save Cobb taxpayers $60 million each year.
  • Protects cities by giving them “veto-power” over county SPLOST proposals.

I Need Your Help!

  • Please contact state legislators to as for their support.
  • Please also contact Taxpayer Associations, Tea Party groups, etc. all over.

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